Gold Star

My gold star for the week has to go to ginger candies. For three days I has such a sour stomach that I went home early twice and worked from home once. I tried all the home remedies but chewy ginger candies were the only thing that gave me relief. I’m feeling better now but luckily I have a leftover supply for the next attack of sour stomach.

My demerit is for allowing my sad mood (and upset stomach) overtake my healthy routines. I allowed myself to justify not keeping up with my household chores and blogging schedule. Not only did this put me behind where I want to be, causing me to have to play catch up, but also it only served to deepen my sad mood. Rather than getting up and doing things that I know will help me get over my funk faster, I let myself wallow in feeling blue.


Gold Star

IMG_1806My gold star this week goes to good smells in the shower. Recently, thanks to a “someone how is around my step-daughter a lot has lice” scare, my husband and I had intensely itchy scalps. While our step-daughter didn’t have lice, just the thought of the little critters infesting our heads made our scalps itch. The itch was perpetuated by scratching. (My head is getting itchy just typing this!) I read online that tea tree oil is supposed to help with an itchy scalp so on my next trip to the grocery store, I found Desert Essence Tea Tree Replenishing Shampoo. I pick it up and we started using it. I love the scent of this shampoo. It has peppermint in it, too. I always take a half-second to sniff shampoo in my hands before I lather up my hair.

My second good-smell shower switch is Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Daily Facial Scrub. It is smells of grapefruit and lemon balm and is heavenly. This I just picked up on a whim one day because the Target Cartwheel had an extra good deal on Yes to… products.

My third good smell shower switch is Attitude Volume & Shine Conditioner. This one was motivated by my wannabe environmentally friendly tendencies. I looked up my new shampoo on the Environmental Working Group Database and found that it scored a 2 on their environmentally friendly rating system. (The lower the number, the more friendly the product.) My old Suave shampoo and conditioner each scored a 5. What I really wanted was the matching conditioner to my tea tree shampoo, but the grocery store didn’t carry it. On my next trip to Target I looked at their hair care products that were marketed with “green” messaging.This kind of marketing is kind of a crap shoot. For example, a lot of the Yes to… products are labeled “natural product” but score a 5. EWG hasn’t given a score to the face scrub I use, yet. So, knowing I was taking a shot in the dark, I picked up the Attitude conditioner. I has a really nice, light scent that I can’t quite put my finger on. When I looked it up on the EWG Database, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it scored a 1.

While none of these scents really go together in the traditional sense, they all allow me a moment of indulging my sense of smell as I plow through my morning routine. The added bonus is that I feel a little bit better about what is going down the drain.

My demerit for the week has to do with managing expectations. We were going to go see the peak of the Perseids, which involves driving several miles out of town. I was really excited about this and both my husband and I had taken off work the next day (not for the meteor shower; it was just a happy coincidence). I checked the weather after work and was disappointed to see that clouds were supposed to roll in around dark. We tried to go out a little earlier than we had planned, hoping to see a few glimpses before it got too cloudy, but we were out of luck. All we could see was a few stationary stars directly overhead. I was so bummed and I allowed it to impact my mood the rest of the weekend. I hadn’t even considered the fact that it might be cloudy when we were planning this little excursion. Next time I need to manage my expectations a bit more rather than letting a little weather ruin my weekend.


Gold Star / Demerit

I’m giving a demerit to myself this week. I’ve been very moody and edgy, especially the last couple of days. Different things have happened to dampen my mood and I haven’t been able to recover as quickly as I would like. This is especially bad because when this happens, I’m irritated if others aren’t affected by my bad mood and feel guilty if they are. I need a little better perspective because it hasn’t taken much to turn my mood sour the past couple of days.

My gold star this week goes to friendship! Although I’ve had some dark moments, I also got a nice text from one of my bffs and had some fun talk-time with my other bff, who happens to be a co-worker. It’s so nice to be able to work with someone who I trust and with whom I can blow off steam, joke with, complain to, problem-solve with and console.


Gold Star / Demerit

I’m giving myself a gold star this week because I’ve been so eager to get up early every morning and write. I’ve woken up before my alarm several times, once as early as 5:00 AM. Rather than stay in bed until the very last minute, wasting time scrolling through social media, I’m actually ready to get up, thanks to my new routine.

I’m giving myself a demerit this week because I’m not getting into a new workout routine. I haven’t worked hard enough to get a workout into my daily schedule. It’s not that I don’t have time to workout, I just haven’t been motivated to get off the couch and get it done.

Gold Star / Demerit


Caffeine gets a demerit from me this week. Wednesday we had an all-day meeting at work. Coffee was free and flowing and I ordered a Coke with my box lunch. Before I realized it, I had overdosed on caffeine. I felt disgusting and sick and totally gross. (P.S. The only way I know to slightly straighten out that bad overcaffeinated feeling is to drink some booze. This is typically frowned upon during work hours, but happy hour was a required part of the meeting. Booze was not required, but a glass of wine helped bring me down a little.) The next day, I had my usual size coffee before breakfast and that bad feeling came back. I’ve totally cut back to the small sized coffee mugs in our cabinet.

Gold Star

This week I’m giving a gold star to Elizabeth Gilbert. I recently listened to her interview with Krista Tippett on “On Being.” I recommend both the edited interview and the unedited conversation. So much of what she said resonated with me. In the course of listening to her, I became convinced that I couldn’t read anything else (I’ll admit to being stalled out on my reading list) until I re-read Eat, Pray, Love.

I don’t re-read a lot of things, but I had already read Eat, Pray, Love twice. The first time I loved it and the second time it made me mad. I was so irritated with the book that I sold it at a garage sale. The second time I read it was a particularly dark time of my life. Resentment and depression were often my companions. But, the charm, wisdom and warmth of Gilbert in her interview worked its way into the places of my heart that were recently vacated by resentment and I decided to give the book another go.

I bought the 10th anniversary edition which contains a preface by the author. The preface gave me the permission to bring both my past selves to my third go-round with the book. Both my earnest late-20-something self and my jealous mid-thirty-something self were welcome at the table. My late-30-something self has the perspective to reflect on my own journey as I enjoy Gilbert’s.