Cake: It’s What’s for Dinner

I love cake so much. A few years ago, I used to make those microwave cake-in-a-coffee-mug things. They are terrible ersatz cake and also kind of depressing. Cakes are a celebration; glop in a coffee mug is desperation. Cake shared with family, friends or cow0rkers is like a fruity, frozen cocktail at a fun summer event; mug cake eaten while standing up in the kitchen is like a 40 in a brown paper bag.

There is no substitute for baking a real cake. I have two friends with birthdays at the end of May and my dad’s birthday is at the beginning of June. This year I decided everyone would get cake. I ended up making 3 cakes in one week. I quickly started dreaming bigger and decided I would keep my my cake baking pace. Not 3 cakes every week, but 3 every month (or so) for the next year seemed doable.

All cakes are welcome in this project: coffee cakes to cup cakes to cake balls to stacked, triple-layer confections. I’ll even allow boxed cake mixes as long as they have something a little special involved.

Here’s my cake journey, so far.

Berry Cake with Lemon Mousse Cream – May 27 for a friend’s birthday
Chocolate Oreo Cake – May 30 for a friend’s birthday
Lemon Coconut Cake – June 3 for my dad’s birthday

Best Blueberry Cake – June 11 because freezer blueberries
Dutch Butter Cake – June 19 for Father’s Day (no picture)
Smore’s Cake – July 4 for my niece’s birthday
Apple Cake with Maple Buttercream Cream Icing – July 10 because mealy apples

I’m posting all the cake recipes I’ve tried on my “Let Me Eat Cake” Pinterest board.