40 before 40

Thirty-one weeks from today I will turn forty. I decided I wanted to fill the last days of my thirties with meaningful goals and cultivate habits to carry with me into the next decade. My list of forty goals ended up being divided into four categories, do 40 of…, go places, house projects and habits.

Here is my  list:

  1. Write 40 blog posts
  2. Hike/walk/run 40 miles
  3. Cook 40 new recipes
  4. Declutter 40 items
  5. Do a 40 day social media detox
  6. Go 40 days without alcohol
  7. Go 40 days without caffeine
  8. Go 40 days without sugar
  9. Meditate 40 days
  10. Create a 40 item wardrobe
  11. Watch a meteor shower
  12. Watch the eclipse
  13. Hike Rock Bridge State Park
  14. Hike Pinnacles Park
  15. Visit Austin
  16. Visit Great Basin National Park
  17. Visit Omaha
  18. Eat at Justus Drug Store
  19. Go to a museum
  20. Go to a library program
  21. Organize the basement closet
  22. Organize the space under my desk
  23. Clear the magazine rack
  24. Take things to Clothes Mentor
  25. Paint bedroom
  26. Refinish an Adirondack chair
  27. Make vacation photo album
  28. Make bedroom curtains
  29. Complete 4 mending projects
  30. Finish rag rug
  31. Read five books
  32. Change churches and attend regularly
  33. Exercise 3 times each week
  34. Stop using my iPhone an hour before bed
  35. Incorporate GTD
  36. Work through 21 Days to Resilience
  37. Work through the Minimalists’ 21 Days prompts
  38. Stay under my grocery budget
  39. Journal every day
  40. Do daily Bible study

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